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Office Collaboration System

digiOffice is a collaboration platform for employees to collaborate and work remotely. Be it working from home or working at the office, digiOffice helps employers to track productivity of their employees.

What do you get with digiOffice?

Employee Mobile application – Android and iOS application for employee to do his daily activities like Attendance, Work Schedule, Meetings, Leave Request, Expense Request, Travel Request, Chat with Colleagues, Share Documents, Submit Timesheets and Completely work digitally from any location

Supervisor Web Application – Cloud based solution helping employers to track employee productivity, Approve Leave Request, Expense Request, Travel Request, Timesheets, Track Company Expenses, Track Sales Team, Conduct Reviews and Appraisals, Payroll etc.

Management Application - A mobile app for management to track multiple office branches and their Activity, Track Staff Productivity, Track Payments and Receivables, Track Profitability etc.

Vendors - Get a mobile app where they receive purchase orders, Upload Invoices and Track Payments of Transactions that they do with the office

Admin Application – Admin team of office can track procurement process, Vendor Payments, Inventory, Office Maintenance Request, Announcements etc

How is digiOffice is different from any other HRMS system?

  • We are a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to invest in any hardware or software to use digiSchool
  • Pay per employee per month. Nominal subscription fees for using the platform
  • digiOffice is modular. Choose which ever modules that you need to go live
  • Manage multiple Office branches using one software across cities and countries
  • digiOffice data is stored securely on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Integrations and customizations with existing system is done free of cost (Finance and other office systems)
  • First time data load for the employees and office is done free of cost
  • Yearly maintenance is done free of cost
  • One-month free trial to try the software
  • Multilingual application supporting languages like Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai and Filipino

Why should you subscribe to digiOffice?

  • If you want to digitize every transaction and activity of your office
  • Complete process automation with little or no human intervention
  • Allow your employees to work anywhere and still track every activity
  • Connect with vendors in real-time and track all purchase orders, payments, inventory etc
  • Access company performance data anytime anywhere
  • Get all departments integrated and have seem less communication with them
  • Enable work from home and remote working of employees

What are the modules in digiOffice?


  • Attendance
  • Timesheet
  • Work schedule
  • Meetings
  • Leave Request
  • Travel Request
  • Locator Request
  • Expense Request
  • Visitor Request
  • Chat
  • Announcements
  • Staff lookup
  • Events
  • Notifications


  • Track attendance
  • Approve Leave Request
  • Approve Travel Request
  • Approve Time Sheet
  • Project Management
  • Staff Management


  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Visitor Management


  • Performance of Staff
  • Performance of Sales team
  • Payment Tracking
  • Project Tracking
  • Brach operations Tracking
  • MIS Reports


  • Enquiries & Visitors management
  • Complaints & Grievances


  • Vehicle records
  • Vehicles service, Insurance and crew
  • Employee Route and Stops
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges


  • Vendor Details
  • Maintaining stock register
  • Purchase order, receipts, purchase return


  • Menu Details
  • Cafeteria Item Request
  • Consumed Item Report
  • Cafeteria Inventory Consumption Report (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)