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Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app solutions are the next evolution in health care, allowing patients to have quick access to a doctor or nurse who can prescribe medication and/or recommend alternative care methods. Amaze Inc is one of the best healthcare app development companies that is dedicated to providing Telemedicine app development solutions to enable healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality virtual care. We provide a complete telemedicine package including a Patient App, Hospital App, Doctor App, Clinic App, Delivery Boy (Real-time tracking) App, Nurse and midwives app to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you are a doctor, a Hospital, or a Clinic, Telemedicine app developers, at Amaze Inc, the best healthcare mobile app development company, can develop the best & customizable apps to suit your every business need.

Website Development

Web development is the process of building, creating, and maintaining websites. Amaze Inc Healthcare Solutions are one of the best medical website design company that is dedicated to providing the best healthcare website development services as per the need and objective of the business. We deliver excellent website development solutions to your healthcare center. Our healthcare website development services are all about building a solution that is designed to meet the requirements of the business & solve all the business challenges. After completely understanding your business requirement, objectives, and target demographics, we start building a website & add value to your website users and search engines. We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge about medical website development and expertise in understanding business as well as end-users.

Search Engine Optimization

Amaze Inc is the best-advanced SEO company in India, which is dedicated to providing the best SEO healthcare services to businesses, such as medical practices, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, etc. SEO is really helpful to find healthcare businesses on Google and other search engines. We at Amaze Inc are dedicated to providing the best SEO services for health care. Our Healthcare SEO experts work to give astounding results by providing the best SEO for health care & understanding the objective of your business. We offer a wide range of SEO services to help medical practices build better search engine ranking while attracting new patients. We work on two essential points i.e., on-page and off- page organizations. We work on making the web page appear on the best hospital services in the area of software, products, and marketing. Let us help to grow your business!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful way for Healthcare businesses to reach patients and consumers. Amaze Inc Healthcare solution is one of the best healthcare social media marketing companies, who is dedicated to providing the best Social media marketing strategy for healthcare. These days, patients and consumers are searching for healthcare resources through online platforms, and it is crucial for healthcare establishments to improve their online visibility. Our SMM healthcare experts are dedicated to infusing life into your brand and online web reputation. At Amaze Inc, our experts are focused on implementing the best social strategies that are designed to create meaningful experiences for the target audience and work according to the objective of the business. Our strategies will help to increase web traffic, Create brand awareness, generate leads, and more.

App Store Optimization

ASO healthcare services are provided to improve the rank of your apps and increase their exposure in the app store, which results in more downloads. The goal of ASO includes is to Increase brand exposure, more engagement of the audience, and positive app reviews and ratings. If you want to get your app to the top? Being the best ASO healthcare services provider company in India, Amaze Inc can help you by providing ASO services. We at Amaze Inc, are committed to providing the best & effective healthcare ASO services as per the objective & needs of the business. We use the best algorithms and strategies that will increase the visibility of your app. Our ASO experts will help you increase your conversion ratio and revenue by providing the best ASO services for healthcare & improving the user experience of your app including a Patient App, a Doctor App, a Hospital App, and a clinic app.


digiHospital is the best hospital management software for patients to book appointments with Doctors working out of nearby hospitals/clinics. digiHospital is one of the best hospital management software. Using digiHospital, you can easily search a doctor, clinic, hospital, or any other health care provider. digiHospital is the best online hospital management system that helps patients to book medicines from nearby Pharmacy, book Lab Tests from nearby Diagnostics centres. Using digiHospital you can also book homecare appointments of Nurse, Physiotherapists, Midwives, etc. digiHospital is a secure application that is HIPAA, GDPR compliant, and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform & by using this, you can directly send patient Prescription, Lab reports, Sick slips, and Referral letters.


digiClinic is an online doctor appointment platform for Patients to find clinic Doctors working out at nearby locality. digiClinic is one of the best clinic management software that helps to manage Medical Records and to search & book online homecare appointments with a Doctor, Clinic, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Midwives, etc with ease. A powerful and easy-to-use end-to-end clinic management system for patients to efficiently find Doctor Consultation through the best online doctor consultation platform. We can White label the solution so that it looks like your own app for your clinic. digiClinic is a secure application that is HIPAA, GDPR compliant, and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform & by using this platform, you can directly send Patient Prescriptions, Sick slips, and Referral letters.



Amaze Inc Healthcare Solution is the best Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency in India with over 8+ years of experience. We have successfully helped many hospitals, Clinics, and health professionals in India. We provide ROI-driven marketing to ensure maximum return on your healthcare marketing investment.


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