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Digitization of Pharmaceutical Activities  

What is digiPharma?

DigiPharmaceutical is a Platform for Pharmaceutical companies to manage communication with Doctors in hospitals / clinics through medical representatives.

DigiPharmaceutical also helps pharmaceutical companies to have video conference with doctors thus, eliminating physical visits.

Using digiPharmaceutical doctors can order pharmaceutical products through Ecommerce platform. As a special feature, doctors can conduct Tele-medicine (Video Conference Sessions) with patients using the same platform.

Tracking Productivity  

What you get with digiPharma?

Pharma Software

that is capable of Staff and Personnel Management by tracking their meeting appointments, attendance, leaves, or productivity in general; Product Management, including brochures, updates, and treatment protocols; Client/Doctor Management, including virtual conferences, documents sharing, order-taking, and patients access; Executive Management, including data-gathering in real time, ready analytics for quick decision-making.

Medical Representative Mobile App

Using the Mobileapp Medical representative can do the following:

  • Punch in / Punch out attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Schedule meeting with Doctors
  • Share product and product updates with Doctors
  • Video call with Doctors
  • Generate appointment reports

Medical Representative Mobile App
  • Login and Profile Management
  • View appointments
  • Video call with Medical Representative
  • View and download product brochures and product updates
  • Manage patients
  • Patient Videocall appointments
  • Reports, Dashboards and Analytics


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Arny Abad

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  How is digiPharma Different from any other System?  

  • Secure application which is HIPAA, GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft Azure platform
  • Conduct tele-medicine online sessions through video conferencing calls
  • Pay subscription fee per month for using digiClinic
  • We can White label the solution so that it looks like your own app for your clinic
  • Directly send patient Prescription, Sick slips and Referral letters through the app
  • Integrations and customizations with existing system can be done
  • Yearly maintenance is included
  • Multilingual application supporting languages like Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai and Filipino

  Why should you Subscribe to digiPharma?  

Communicate with doctors through Video Conference and avoid physical visit

Share product collaterals and updates through the Application

Track productivity of the staff

Allow doctors to purchase pharmaceutical products through the application


Helps doctors to manage their Patients and conduct Video Conference calls

Real-time feedback from Doctors

Digitization of Pharma Company activities with analytics & dashboards

  What are the Modules in digiPharma?  

  Pharmaceutical Company

  • Login Module
  • Staff Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Product Management
  • Product updates Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • User Management
  • Medical Conference Management
  • Dashboard, Analytics and Reports

  Medical Representative Mobile App

  • Login and Profile Management
  • Video calls
  • Meeting Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Expense Management
  • Leave Management
  • Send Emails, Product Brochures
  • Dashboard, Analytics and Reports

    Doctor Web Application

  • Login
  • Appointment Management
  • Video calls with Medical Representative
  • Patient Management

  • Patient Video calls
  • Ecommerce to buy medical products
  • View products and product update brochures
  • Reports, Dashboard and Analytics

  Patient Mobile App

  • Login
  • Book appointment
  • Video appointments
  • View Referrals
  • View Medical Certificate
  • Family Tree
  • Manage insurance
  • FAQ

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